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“Fashion for Every Body: Plus Size Clothing in India”

“Tips for plus size fashion in India And Flattering Plus size clothing   Introduction: Generally plus size face many sort of difficulties in finding the perfect fashion as per the trend, As the fashion industry continues to evolve, the demand for inclusive clothing options has grown. Plus size fashion has gained more attention in recent … Read More

what happens to skin when you get older

Aging is a wonderful gift , All about aging

Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength Betty Friedan  Aging ?  Aging is the process of skin loosing its bounce back , Loosing its elasticity and coming back to its original place, Causing wrinkles. Why Aging  ? Your body is made up of trillions of cells . Which constantly … Read More

Highly recommended 4 tips for a healthy glowing skin

kitchen storage hacks for daily use top 10

 Kitchen storage hacks For Daily Use kitchen storage hacks for daily use will make your life simpler and easier which will change your life  Tomatoes get spoil easily . This hack is very simple to follow , Just stick a tape to the upper part of tomato . This tape prevents contact with the air and … Read More


Coronavirus symptoms with precautions

Coronavirus (COVID-19 ) effects different people in different ways. In this article , I will share day to day symptoms of coronavirus. Some are symptomatic and most of them are Asymptomatic. It totally depends on immunity of the person. Day 1 symptom of coronavirus Joint pains Diarrhea Fever Dry cough Day 1 symptoms of coronavirus … Read More

tips for healthy looking skin naturally

Healthy skin necessities with top 4 tips

Healthy skin, The main intention of every woman is to look young, Even they get old but the skin should not lose its elasticity and glow. To achieve this they struggle using all types of creams and lotions. Which promise for younger-looking skin, Unfortunately even after using for years they don’t find any improvements in … Read More

healthy skin diet plan

healthy skin diet plan with only Rupees 5

healthy skin diet plan Beauty doesn’t need costly equipments. In this article I will share some easy Rs 5 recipes for a healthy glowing skin. Present trend for beauty Women want to be beautiful from outside , And not from inside. Applying some makeups , Using costly creams to hide their spots and wrinkles. But … Read More


Innocence story will definitely make you laugh

innocence Hindi Begunaahee Marathi Nirdosapana Tamil Appavittanam Telugu Amayakatvam Kannada Mugdhate Sanskrit Maugdhya Innocence in different indian languages Definition of Innocence Innocence is absence of essential knowledge. An innocent person doesn’t have awareness of his doings, And do things from heart. Synonyms of innocence Virtue Incorruptibility Candidness Plainness Purity Uprightness Righteousness Story of innocent man … Read More