Aging is a wonderful gift , All about aging

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Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength

Betty Friedan

 Aging ? 

Aging is the process of skin loosing its bounce back , Loosing its elasticity and coming back to its original place, Causing wrinkles.

Why Aging  ?

Your body is made up of trillions of cells . Which constantly break up into new cells. Whenever the cells break up the copy of DNA is form . These DNA combine to form chromosomes. Human body have 23 pairs of chromosomes.

  • Chromosomes replicate , Which reduces the quality of DNA.
  • Telemors are cap like structure produce to protect the wear and tear of DNA.
  • Chromosome get small through the process of cell division.
  • Aging occurs due to chromosomes getting getting smaller and vanishing at particular stage.

Some other facts related to aging


Aging occurs due to DNA damage

Yes DNA damage occurs due to cell division . DNA copies itself through division. Damage to DNA causes reduction in repairing the body.


which is called kitchen of the cell. Mitochondria reacts with oxygen and undergoes oxidation to produce highly reactive compounds. These compounds accumulate and causes aging. These are free radicals.


Telemors are cap like structures on the tip of chromosomes. They get small during the cell division. Which causes aging.

Naked mole rat is a rare species , Which have life span of 30 years . The interesting thing about this is , It is highly cancer resistant and never undergoes aging. The cell division occurs constantly in this. In human’s the cell division stops at particular stage.

It is important to have a twinkle in your wrinkle


How to cure Aging ?

1. Removing senescent cells

What are senescent cells ?

Telemors die and remain like senescent cells. Let me explain in brief as I discuss regarding telemors , They are tip of chromosomes forms to protect DNA. They looses its productivity through the process of cell division and results in Aging.

The number of division limit and after some time the division of cells won’t happen . These cells which are dead are called senescent cells .

  • Senescent cells makes the  body vulnerable to diseases and causes diabetes and kidney failures.
  • Aging also results in making the body vulnerable to diseases. Senescent cells won’t die and make you feel old aged and loss of being active and energetic.

Scientists are working on mice to destroy the senescent cells . Protein is injected into the mice to destroy the senescent cells without causing damage to the healthy cells. They have also seen the result , How is the mice behaving with senescent cells and without senescent cells.

  • Mice without senescent cells is more active and hair regrew faster.
  • Mice with senescent cells is not active and vulnerable to diseases.

2. NAD+ ( Anti-aging pill )

NAD+ is a coenzyme produce during the cell division. After age 50 they decrease in number resulting in odd function of body . NAD+ is can’t be taken as a pill , It can’t inject into the body directly.

Scientists are doing research to inject NAD+ using a protein which directly goes into the body and include NAD+ coenzyme with it.

Tests conduct on mice to see the results

  • Mice with NAD+ induced protein is healthy, lives longer and less vulnerable to diseases.

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