Baby Allergies and Symptoms clearly explained

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Baby allergies

Babies are very precious and they are often vulnerable with many types of allergies. It is the parents’ responsibility to understand baby allergies and they should keep them at bay too. Here, allergies and their symptoms vary from one baby to another. These may range in general from mild to completely threatening. Here, do not consider some of the growing problems as allergies or their symptoms. Let us see some of the common allergies and their symptoms one by one:

Baby Allergies and Symptoms

1. Hives( baby allergies ): This is also called as urticaria too. The symptoms of this issue are seen as skin conditions like itchy, rashes, and blotches. Newborn babies often develop this issue. Facial swelling is an immediate symptom and you should call the doctor with no further delay to this reaction. If you see this face swelling along with breathing problem then immediately call an ambulance as this could require hospitalization too.
2. Hay Fever( baby allergies ): This is generally triggered in babies through pollens and often seen this problem during spring and summer. The symptoms of this problem are caused due to mucous membranes by making watery eyes, inflammation causing red eyes, sneezing and the runny nose. This is a common issue with many of the children those aged below 5.
3. Allergic Rhinitis: This is like throughout year hay fever and it is caused in children through pet hair, bird feathers, dust mites and pollens. It is confirmed in children only through a skin test. So, check for it through a doctor when your baby constantly suffering from hay fever kind symptoms.
4. Bee Stings or Flea Bites: Some babies’ skin is very sensitive and flea bites will turn on them into rashes. These rashes generally take more than 2 weeks to disappear.
5. Wasp Stings: Wasp or bee stings in general temporary, but often associates with allergic reactions in babies too. In general, bee or wasp bite in babies appear as a puffy or mild red rash, but some will turn it into life-threatening reaction due to the associated other allergies. So, be attentive when your kids are bitten by bee or wasp and observe the reactions closely until they disappear.
6. Asthma: This is also an allergic condition that shows symptoms as a wheezing, cough, and breathe shortness. These symptoms will be more rampant during nights. Very often, asthma is said as hereditary too.
7. Eczema: It is a skin issue seen as an itchy rash over cheeks or elbow inside or on knees or some other areas. Kids tend to scratch them until it bleeds and it can result in sleeping difficulty too for kids. Dust mites, wool, plants and emotional stress could be the possible culprits for this allergy.
8. Drug Allergies: Babies and kids very often show some reaction in return to antibiotics and very often to Penicillin. If you find any reaction from your babies when administered drugs or penicillin, then be aware of it by reporting it to your doctor. Also, make it a point to convey about these drug reactions whenever you take your kid to hospitals.
9. Foods: People react very differently with the various foods and this is the same with babies too. There is a lot of difference between food allergy and food intolerance. You need to observe what kind of difference is happening through various foods. You may observe for this with various foods like peanuts, soy, some types of beans, shellfish, fish types, eggs and wheat.

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