Baby Teething Facts You Should Know

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Teething in babies is a process when teeth start to emerge through gums. Whether you knew it or not, it is an agonizing period for babies and mother should take better care at this time about the babies. The primary 20 teeth of ever baby begin between the 3rd month and 3 years of age. There will be pre-teething that starts a few weeks before to teeth’s coming through gums. It is pretty tame and will not be out of ordinary. This phase makes a baby drool light, random fussiness and chewing.

Baby Teething

Baby Teething Signs
• Light to more drooling
• Baby places finger(s) more often in the mouth
• There will be tenderness and swelling for baby gums
• Babies tend to chew things very frequently.
• Baby eats less food
• There will be more fussing
• There are chances for light fever
• There will be trouble sleeping for babies.

Mothers should be careful and attentive towards babies during teething. Some babies show-up bluish areas over the gums too. This is a normal symptom and vanishes as soon as tooth emerged. It is a pity that some babies experience very painful teething and mothers should console them properly until the teeth emerged. Mothers should plan to spare more time for babies during this teething period. Most of the times the baby teeth are in general will erupt in pairs. Some doctors prescribe ibuprofen in small doses and it is good to use medicines as less as possible because teething is a natural process. It requires the mother’s console more than medicine.

Though teething is a natural process, still there are chances for wrong too. Every mother should know what can go wrong and how to know that is explained below.

There will be warning signs if something wrong in teething and such situation definitely deserves paediatrician visit.

Such symptoms are:
• If the baby is running with a fever above 101 degrees then it is must to take the baby to the doctor.
• If there is a prolonged runny nose then take it as there is something wrong.diarrhoeae severe diarrhea condition during teething is an indication that there is something wrong.
• In very rare situations, there will be sores or ulcers in the baby’s mouth and that is an indication of illness and takes the baby to the doctor with no delay.
• If there is a troublesome cough or difficult breathing is an indication of wrong in teething.

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