Breast Cancer Symptoms explained clearly

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Breast cancer is currently posing into a great threat for female. The danger is that it can be quite subtle and early stage addressing is mandatory. This is the reason constant breast evaluation is suggested for all female. At this kind of situation, it is wise for all women to be aware of  symptoms so as you can recognize it at an early stage to start a treatment to eradicate it.
Breast Cancer


1. Lumps: Very common symptom of this dangerous health issue is lumps on the breast. A mass or lump on the breast should be tested for cancer without fail. Very often, these lumps sometimes show up with pain or painless too. Any tender, painful or painless lumps on breast should be taken as a symptom by every female.
2. Dimpling Skin: If noticed any dimpling over the skin of the breast then it could be a symptom of inflammatory breast . Dimpling is a result of swelling and this could happen when lymph fluid inside the breast builds up.
3. Tender Nipple: Breast cancer can be painful and painless. You can recognize it through the tender nipple. If there is tenderness or any unusual discomfort over nipple or breast can be the symptom of cancer and you should get this checked immediately.
4. Insomnia: It is observed insomnia with many of the breast cancer patients. If you find trouble sleeping or staying awake should be treated as a symptom of breast cancer too.
5. Dry Cough & shortness of Breath: Coughing in general a practice by the human body as the reflex to stand as a help to heal on self yet being an effort to get rid of some of the harmful particles. If you’re experiencing a lingering dry cough and that is added with breathing shortness and then get this checked immediately as this could be a symptom. It is stage 4 breast cancer symptom.
6. Skin Texture: If the skin over the breast feels like an orange peel as scaly, dry and thick then treat this as a symptom too. Cancer inflammation impacts the skin cells over the breast that leads into thickening as well as scaling all around the nipple and areola.
7. Itching: If the skin over the breast is itching, tingling with redness then it is a sign of a rare variety of breast cancer.
8. Fatigue: Persistent fatigue kind of condition is always associated with all types of cancers and it is no exception with breast cancer. When there is cancer, it tends to consume essential nutrient from the body healthy cells that will result in persistent fatigue.
9. Weight Changes: Unexplained and sudden weight loss is also associated with all types of cancers and it will be the same with breast cancer too. If the weight loss is beyond 10 pounds then it should be definitely taken as a symptom for your cancer.
10. Breast Size Disproportionate: Usually breasts are similar, but any disproportionate sizes situation should be taken as serious by considering mammogram by the doctor.

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