Breastfeeding facts Every Women Should Know

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breastfeeding facts

Unlike in India, women in western countries make their own choice to feed their babies whether it is breastfeeding or bottle feeding. In India, we see it as a pride breastfeeding, which is healthy and natural. Here, some factors should be taken into consideration and those are:

Facts about Breastfeeding Every Women Should Know
• How the pregnant mother feeling about her breasts after the delivery.
• It is imperative for the mother to believe that breastfeeding is quite natural.
• Convenience is one factor that results in taking the decision between breastfeeding and bottle feeding
• Some mothers find it embarrassing or impairment to their freedom

Social Impacting Factors on Breastfeeding:

• There are some advertisements deliberately claiming that their formula milk is far better than mother’s milk by imparting improved satisfaction to the baby and good sleep.
Working mothers returning to their professional regime very early after the birth often keeping artificial milk as feeding choice for babies.
• The couple living alone and far away from their families often pushed in for bottle feeding due to the lacking support.
• New mothers are not able to access valuable information about the value and importance of the mother’s milk for the babies.

Some of the factors mentioned above are really influencing breastfeeding to a major extent. Importantly, continuing it is often seen culminated by mothers because of various reasons. It is very imperative to understand by every mother that breastfeeding is the only best natural way to feed the baby and to keep healthy. It is important to understand this fact during pregnancy by mothers and its importance is:

• It is important to consider breastfeeding for babies for their first six months.
• It creates a special inseparable bond between bay and mother.
• There are many benefits to reap out in return for babies and mothers through it.
• Manage well your breastfeeding in the initial few weeks that can help you well in continuing it for planned 6 months.
• Deal some of the common problems of it by consulting doctor or your family elders, but do not stop it until 6 months.

When you understand the benefits and importance of the breastfeeding, successful initiation of it will be the key to its continuation for the required period. It is true that there are few genuine reasons for few women for not considering the breastfeeding and such a situation is quite acceptable.

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