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How To Stop Breastfeeding

Weaning can be a long and challenging process, for both mother and child. It is important to have a strategy in place in order to wean properly.

1. Proper Planning:

Women do not need to stop breastfeeding if they are not ready, and do not need to continue breastfeeding if they have had enough.

Nevertheless, a few simple guidelines can help mothers determine whether they want to continue breastfeeding their baby.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of their life. Solid foods may be introduced around 6 months. After that, breastfeeding can continue for 1 year, or as long as the mother and baby wish to continue.

Infants over a year old primarily use breast milk as a portion of supplemental food, a source of comfort, and to support the immune system.

Women sometimes consider stopping breastfeeding because of pain, breast engorgement, social pressure, or fear that the baby is not getting enough milk. Women who want to continue breastfeeding, but who are concerned about these issues, should speak with their doctor or a breastfeeding specialist.

2. Ensure adequate nutrition

Women weaning infants less than 1-year-old must replace breast milk with infant formula or donor breast milk.

Babies older than 6 months still need formula or donor breast milk, but can also transition to age-appropriate solid foods. Children less than 1-year-old should never be given cow’s milk, soya milk, or other similar products.

Infants who eat solid foods need adequate protein, iron, and other nutrients. If worried, parents can consult a pediatrician about the right balance of nutrients and ideal daily caloric intake.

Some babies may need a multivitamin or other supplement, particularly if they do not get enough iron or vitamin D.

3. Eliminate stressors and Family Pressure

Some infants wean easily, while others protest. Planning for a difficult transition can help make the weaning process easier. Going slowly can also help prevent stress for the mother and the baby.

A woman can try to choose a time when there are no other significant stressors, such as a deadline at work or a pending vacation.

If possible, it is helpful to spend extra time with the baby, as they are sometimes anxious or clingy during weaning.

Parents should plan on the weaning process taking a few weeks. If the baby needs to be weaned by a particular date, it is a good idea to start the process early.

4.Manage engorgement during breastfeeding

What is breast engorgement, and what causes it?

Breast engorgement is the painful overfilling of the breasts with milk. This is usually caused by an imbalance between milk supply and infant demand. This condition is a common reason that mothers stop breastfeeding sooner than they had planned.

If pumping for a few minutes does not help, breastfeeding women can find other ways to manage discomfort.

Both pumping and breastfeeding can increase the supply of breast milk, which may prolong discomfort and slow the weaning process.

Some strategies that may reduce discomfort include:

  • Taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for pain.
  • Applying warm compresses to the breasts before feeding, or taking a hot bath.
  • Applying cold compresses (such as bags of frozen peas) after feeding.
  • Discussing birth control pills with a doctor. Some women find that taking birth control reduces breast milk supply, which reduces the discomfort of weaning.

My Methods of Weaning:

As an Indian Women, I followed home remedies to wean my kids. Remember every kid is different, so you need to have patience while in this process. I used different methods for both kids…

Neem leaves to stop breastfeeding

Applying neem leaves paste or water can help. Make a fine paste apply on a nipple and try to feed your baby, because of bitterness baby refuse to take milk next time.

Soap Nut or Reetha to stop breastfeding

breastfeedingSoap nut or reetha used to take head bath worked as the best alternative for me.

This was my experience and knowledge.. If you people have any better ideas or questions please comment me… Will answer for sure

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