Calcium in Pregnancy is Explained with foods

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Calcium is always an important nutrient for every pregnant woman. It is good for bone health. Generally, baby calcium needs are met through the mother and it is indicating the importance of pregnant mother to absorb and retain calcium in good levels. The calcium gained by pregnant woman serves well to self as well as to baby too. It is indicating clearly that the maximum level of calcium necessity for mothers. Generally, human body calcium needs are common, but during pregnancy absorption and retention will be more active and effective. It means the body will obviously demand more of it during pregnancy.

Importance of Calcium in Pregnancy is Explained

Here, teenage mothers’ calcium necessity is more as their bones will be still at the growing stage. Teenage mothers require more volume of it for their bones strong as well as for the baby needs. The example in this context is that a pregnant mother above 19 years is served with three servings of dairy to satiate well the calcium demand, but this will be four servings for the teenage mothers. So, understand the different needs and demands of teenage mothers and aged mothers. It is definitely not a wise step to ignore this aspect by the pregnant female. Dairy foods are definitely a wise source here for the mothers to obtain ample levels of calcium in addition to what it is acquired through the food. Below is information gives you an idea about what a serving consists of.

A Dairy Food Serving is:

• Milk of 250ml capacity one
• 140 grams or 2 scoops of ice cream
• 150gms of yoghurt
• Cottage cheese of 200 gms
• 40gms or two slices of cheese
• Fortified soy milk of 250ml.

The above mentioned is a serving and while this kind of dietary source is worth adding into the diet of mothers every day to acquire ample levels of calcium. Here, it is important to know that the low-fat milk always contains higher levels of this calcium than the homogenized milk or full cream milk.

Yes, there are few female those hate dairy products. So, what are the other options available for this purpose for them are:

• Fortified soy milk.
• Canned fish that is with bones
• Nuts
• Leafy green veggies
• Dry fruits
• Tofu
• Wholegrain cereals and bread

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