Cancer Symptoms You Should Be Aware of

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cancer symptoms

Women always ignore their health by paying utmost attention to their family wellbeing. In fact, ill health never comes all of a sudden and it sends few symptoms in prior. It is important for the present day women to observe these symptoms and it is wise to take necessary action before an illness can attack you. After a dangerous heart attack, cancer is nowadays posing into the greatest threat. Let us see some of the cancer symptoms as a step towards educating you more about cancer in advance:

Cancer Symptoms

20 Cancer Symptoms:

1. Bone pain is a symptom prior to cancer. A dull or severe bone pain definitely deserves your attention as a step towards fight cancer in early stages. Sometimes, swelling or fracture is also a symptom of this issue.
2. Rashes are another indication such as allergic reaction or infection. It can be a sign of the leukemia, which is blood cancer.
3. Eye pain within and around it is a symptom for eye cancer. Down the line pain transforming into light flashes, vision blurring or dangerous vision loss is a confirmation to eye cancer.
4. If you’re experiencing frequent headaches with unusual patterns with growing severity, then it deserves health check-up as this is a symptom for the brain tumour.
5. Heartburn or slight pain over the chest after food consumption is a symptom for oesophagal cancer or stomach cancer.
6. If there is unusually heavy pain intertwined periods or there is bleeding between the periods then you should pay quick attention to it by consulting a doctor as this could be a symptom of endometrial cancer.
7. Nipple changes can convey you in advance about the breast cancer. Nipple starts to flatten or inverted or sometimes turned sideways too as a symptom for breast cancer.
8. Sore breast is another thing that requires paying attention. If the breast is appearing purplish or red hot or irritated or swollen then it can be treated as a signal for breast cancer.
9. In men, enlarged and swollen testicles should be treated as a signal for testicle cancer.
10. Difficulty in swallowing is a signal for throat cancer as well as lung cancer. Similarly, a hoarse throat or pressure on the throat is also a symptom of throat cancer.
11. An unexplained and sudden weight loss is highly dangerous. Shedding weight despite no changes in diet can be due to stomach cancer.
12. Severe cramping or abdominal pain in men or women is an indication of colorectal cancer.
13. The first and foremost symptom of lung cancer is wheezing. Inability to catch breath could often a symptom for lung cancer too.
14. Excessive bloating and gas is an indication of different types of digestives issues. In fact, ovarian cancer and colon cancer too show similar symptoms.
15. Very commonly colorectal cancer symptoms are constipation, changes in stool, diarrhea for above two days.
16. Urination difficulty is often seen as early stage symptom of prostate cancer.
17. Men with erection issues should check for prostate cancer as the progress condition of this cancer causes such issues.
18. Fatigue or weakness constantly is deserves checking by the doctor as many types of cancers can result in these conditions.
19. Frequent high fever kind of condition is associated with leukemia and this will result in abnormal white blood cells production down the line by impacting immunity drastically.
20. If there is a black or brown dot under your fingernail, then it could be signal skin cancer.

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