Chocolate Lovers Everything about chocolate

Chocolate loved by everyone and it is a world’s popular indulgence. It is not wondering if I tell you that every year on Valentine’s Day, more than 58 million pounds is sold all over the world. Chocolate dates were there since 1900BC. Many of our ancient citizens considered it as an aphrodisiac and mood changer … Read More

procedure for idli dosa batter

IDLI DOSA Batter process explained step by step

idli dosa batter process HI! Today I’ll tell the process of making idli and dosa batter for soft idlis and crisp dosas. Idlis and dosas are some of the most delicious and healthiest foods that appeal to everyone. Plus, they are vegan and simple enough to make and eat every day. The perfect idli is soft … Read More

South Indian Sambar(My Style) explained clearly

south indian sambar South Indian Sambar Swaty’s Style: Hi everyone, Today I thought of sharing sambar recipe with you. I know, the authentic way of cooking sambar is somewhat is different from that of mine. I am sure but the taste is nowhere vary from the authentic way. Most of the recipes I make are … Read More