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Chocolate loved by everyone and it is a world’s popular indulgence. It is not wondering if I tell you that every year on Valentine’s Day, more than 58 million pounds is sold all over the world. Chocolate dates were there since 1900BC. Many of our ancient citizens considered it as an aphrodisiac and mood changer too. Also, these ancient citizens believed that it contained very special mystical powers and limited it only for rulers too. What an amazing history about our beloved . Centuries later, Dutch chemist Coenraad Johannes Van Houten made edible chocolate that became a confectionery and a gift. It is imperative now to learn more about types of chocolate because of its ancient history and its popularity at present:


Cocoa Powder: This is the raw derived from cocoa and unsweetened made through chocolate liquor that is partially defatted. This is an alkalized cocoa powder in Dutch process that is less acidic and milder than the original cocoa powder.
• Unsweetened candy: This unsweetened is also called baking chocolate and bitter chocolate too. It is generally used in bakeries by adding sugar and some more ingredients. In fact, it is the base ingredient in the making of many of our popular chocolate forms, but not used in milk chocolate.
• Dark candy:  Contains sugar, liquor, vanilla, cocoa butter, and lecithin in it. Milk solids will not be used in it. You may check for the percentage on the wrapper and higher meant to be bitter in taste .
• Milk candy:  Contains similar things as dark chocolate but in addition to milk. It contains either condensed milk or milk solids in it. It tastes mild and sweet.
• Bitter Sweet & Semi-Sweet: These are made as milder than the dark chocolates and not sweet as milk chocolate. Manufacturers make these with their own special formulations by varying cocoa powder solid quantities.
• Covertures bonbon: This is an expensive variety of bonbon. Professional confectioners and bakers create them specially. High quantity of cocoa butter and liquor will be added in this variety in order to bring even melting character. It is the best choice for coating candies and tempering to bring smoothness.
• Ganache: Ganache is used in many desserts and it is a whipped filling comes as icing, glaze or sauce. It is created through heating cream and chocolate pouring over it. It forms into the malleable state after cooling. This is the best choice to use as filling in candies.
• Truffle: A  truffle is the greatest favourite of many. It is made through a ganache ball that is rolled in rich cocoa powder. All varieties candy can be used in the making of truffle.

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