Clever Daughter in law Explained Using a Story


clever daughter in law, Before going to the story let’s discuss some

Qualities of traditional Indian daughter-in-law

Positive attitude : When you are newly married, Have a positive attitude like everything will be fine. And i am entering into a new family . Mother -in-law , Father-in-law all are good. Don’t enter the house with a negative attitude like this is my husbands home not mine.

Understanding : Don’t take the decision at glance. There may happen some mistakes at the beginning of the marriage , But don’t estimate that it will be the same in the future. Person changes after some time give them some time.

Advice from EldersAlways remember to take advice from elders . Give respect and importance to their suggestions. Ask them what to cook and what to wear , These small things give them lot of happiness.

Comparison : Don’t compare your family rules with the others and not even with your mother’s home. Everyone have their own rules and regulations.

Story of clever daughter-in-lawquote daughter in law mother in law

Once there lived an Indian family with Father , Mother and her three sons and three daughter- in- laws. Parent’s were old and decided to divide the property among three sons.

They lived in a joint family , Each son has his own house .Their parents stay at their own house . It is a big Bungalow with all the facilities. Everyone stay together but not in the same house . The middle daughter -in-law is clever among the other. The first one and last one were of competitive nature and always quarreling. And the middle daughter-in-law is the resolver of their quarrels.

TEST ( clever daughter-in-law)

One day the old couple, Discussing with each other about the Ancestral property. The necklace in her neck was the ancestral property of generations. They are confused to distribute and decided to give the necklace to only one daughter-in-law.

Mother-in-law decides the test to put among all the daughter-in-laws. When the old couple were discussing this matter the first daughter-in-law hears everything and say to the last one. Last one say to the middle daughter-in-law. They started getting anxious about the necklace ” who will win it ? ” .

The Sankranti festival came and this day was the judgement day. The first and last daughter-in-laws prepares different dishes for her mother-in-law . But the middle one didn’t prepare anything and asks her husband to  get some clothes, Sari for her mother and pancha( Lungi ) for her father. She prepares only payasam and offers to god in a silver bowl.

The first daughter-in-law presented her plate of different sweets and hots . And fell on the feet for their blessings. The last daughter-in-law did the same thing.

But the middle daughter-in-law arrange the plate with sari , Lungi , Silver bowl of payasam made by her and she took the sweets from the the plates of her fellow-cousins which they gave her in the plate ( Not the one they gave to mother-in-law). She went to the mother-in-law took her blessings and gave her the plate.

Mother-in-law fell very happy seeing the sari , Which is in her favorite color. She pleases and gave her the necklace.


Her husband asked , The middle one didn’t prepare anything like the first and last daughter-in-laws and she wasted money in purchasing sari and pancha for me. What did you notice in her?

She replies The middle  daughter-in-law didn’t prepare anything because there are lot of sweets at home , She didn’t waste her time in that.

She is very careful at spending.

Have the quality to save money for the future.


Mother-in -law in short is MIL 

Daughter-in-law in short is DIL

” DIL MIL ” in hindi is known as joining of two hearts.


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