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cough remedies

It is very common and natural to get a cough from time to time, but a little annoying too. You cannot ignore it because it’s natural. People around you might find it a little difficult while you cough. Also, it is very common practice for many of us not to use any drugs for this common cough too. We try taking medicine only when it is an illness, which is a wrong concept. OK if you think medicine is not your choice, then there are home remedies for your cough. Here, it is important that you know cough always may not be a common one and not safe to handle it on own too. A rampant cough for extended periods like the week and more is an indication to cold. If this cough stayed for more than two weeks and turning into severe or with pain, then it definitely needs visiting a doctor. So, handle your cough in initial days with medicine or you may try the below home remedies too:

Cough remedies

1. Honey & Lemon Tea: Honey and lemon tea is nowadays very common practice in many of the kitchens. Honey is a trustworthy cough suppressant and it is proved many times in many studies. So, try this tea regularly while cough is there. It could help you to get rid of it in a few days.

2. Candy kind Cough Drops: Cough drops are always a good choice while coughing and it is the best thing for office going people too. Cough drops result into the regular flow of its stuff down your throat and that can result in a good relief against the irritation inside the throat. Some people find menthol based cough drops as not their match then try other those are of other flavours.

3. Steam: Shower always stood as a great relief while feeling sick. Try steam bath or at least hot water bath that in the state of releasing steam. Steam got capacity to alleviate the cough. It directly got no connection with clearing cough mucus but releases the same through the nasal passage. It is quite soothing and tries taking hot shower baths in order to relieve from cough.

4. Gargle with Salt Water: Gargle with salt water can work as a great relief against cough and sore throat. The salt in the water works effectively on the inflammation and swelling inside the throat. Very often the irritation and swelling are the culprits of cough. One glass of water and one teaspoon full of salt is all you need to get rid of the cough wisely through gargling.

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