Crayon Craft Ideas for young children


crayon craft ideas

It is always a good practice to add crafts and arts into young children life as that will instil better creativity in them. Colour pencils and crayons are always best friends to children as they find it quite amusing to play with those many different colours. Parents should use this as an opportunity to improve their creativity side. If you give a bunch of crayons or colour pencils to kinds, you would see them busily engrossed in drawing something that is in their mind as different ideas. Imagination power is very active in children during younger days. You should make good use of it by motivating them into some art or craft. This could result in better minds for kinds. Let us see some crayon craft ideas those you can teach to your children:

Young Children Crayon Craft Ideas

1. Glant Crayons ( crayon craft ideas ): Take sellotape and take 4 different colours of crayons. Tap those 4 crayons with tape. It turns into a big crayon to surprise your kids. Let your kid scribble and swirl using that big crayon. You will be surprised when they start to do different designs using it.
2. Grated Crayons( crayon craft ideas ): Take a cheese grater and ask your kid to grate well crayons of different colours on a plain white paper. Spread this grated crayons on the paper and cover it with another plain paper. Now, iron over this paper in between with grated crayons in low heat. It gives a slightly transparent look by letting you see the melted colours inside. Tape this art piece to a window where the sunshine can fall on it. It will shine like glitterati as stained glass and your child will be proud to make it by showing it to all. This will instil a lot of confidence in them yet expanding well their imagination powers and creativity skills too.
3. Rainbow Crayons: New things are always a great interest for kids and they amuse a lot with them. We often see many broken and small used crayons those left unused. You can make a rainbow crayon using it, which can be fun and interesting to your kids. Collect all the broken and small used crayons. Put them in a muffin tin and bake in oven at 175 degrees until all those crayons together melted. They come out after became cold from muffin tin and this will be your kid’s special rainbow crayon they would love to use it for their arts. In fact, you will be teaching your kid that nothing is a waste when used wisely too.
It is always a good practice to combine learning with fun. When all the kids are loving colours then make good use of it by introducing them to many new things with them.

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