Diwali decoration with managing kids and tips and tricks


Diwali is near and it’s time to decorate and first clean the house for this Diwali.  Everyone does cleaning but , How to do smart cleaning? Smart cleaning is managing two works at the same time. I am sharing some tips for busy moms to manage household work and office work with the kids.

Morning Routine for Diwali

  • Wake up early , It may be difficult for working moms but waking up early make the household activities to go easily and finishes very quick.
  • First activity after waking up pray to god , Go to bath and meanwhile keep washing machine running with clothes.
  • In this way you are performing two activities at the same time, You can also put rice cooker on . So that you can manage three activities at the same time.
  • Kids won’t wake up early , So it will be better for the mom to complete chores before they wake up.
  • Prepare breakfast, If you are using a four burner stove . then just keep idly for steam on one stove, Some people won’t like idly than you can also keep other items such as oats porridge on the other.
  • Better complete breakfast and lunch before kids wake up.

Morning activities need to be planned in the night itself , So that you won’t get confused what to do next . Activities such as Cutting vegetables, Marination need to be done prior.

Afternoon Routine 

  • For moms , By afternoon kids are done with the breakfast and bath. Here they get some time to manage the office work ( this is especially work from home moms ) .
  • Then starts making your kids eat the lunch. Prefer making them eat on their own, Or when you are eating make your kids sit beside you and tell them to eat. Initially they can’t. But trying this for a week , They can manage eating on their own.
  • Kids won’t eat to the full , They just eat 20 % another 80 % mother should feed them, sitting beside them and making them eat while playing with toys. ( This increases bond between mother and child )

Evening Routine 

  • Evening routine includes study time with kids . Teach kids alphabets and numbers in a fun way.
  • Have nice evening walk with kids play with them. This is the most favorite time to spend with the kids .
  • chitchat , laughing, playing , singing and dancing with kids is the most precious moments never to be missed.

Decoration for Diwali

Diwali is a festival of lights. Decorate the home with some unique crafts , By reusing some old stuff. Make floral mat for this Diwali , It is easy and very simple to make . For this you need old flowers ( some old flower hangings).

  • Old flower hangings or plastic flowers bouquet .diwali
  • Transparent sheet.
  • Glue gun

First remove the flowers individually from the garland. Cut the transparent sheet in circle shape, Square or Rectangular form. Paste the flowers with different colors on each row, Till you reach the single flower. At the middle paste a candle holder to place the candle . It looks very beautiful for Diwali and also time saving crafts . This flower mat can also used as Rangoli.

Crafts for Diwali also includes kumkum , Haldi holders. Which are very simple to make . You can also design a Pooja thali for Diwali , They are colorful and beautiful.

this steel plate is decorated using ceramic cones
This is the ceramic cone , Which is used to design the plate . Not only on steel surface they are also used to decorate the wood surface, They are perfect for giving old furniture the new look
This candle holder is perfect gift for Diwali. It cast shadow on the wall when lighted.
This haldi kumkum tray is a perfect gift in budget.

Pooja thali are made re-purposing the old steel plate . Just paint the plate with some color like red, yellow, Green or any festive color . After painting just stick some kundans and mirrors  . These plates are super shiny and very easy to make. Related articles

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