Estrogen and Your Bone Health during menopause

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Estrogen and menopause often play a vital role in every woman life. Taking hormones is always a better step during menopause and it can improve your health to a better extent. It improves well being yet lengthening life too. Also, the risk of breast cancer is successfully reduced through it too. Our ageing process is always seen through our weakening bones, thinning hair and some more. Here, your weak bone due to ageing is different when compared with osteoporosis. Weakening of bone due to ageing will result in cavities inside your bone by thinning it and makes it brittle too. This kind of situation in your femur can result in hip fracture. This kind of hip fracture is reducing the length of your life to 5 years. Taking calcium is not a solution here.

Estrogen and Your Bone Health

The bone of the human body is made of one outer shell and then the osteoid. Inside of the bone is credited with collagen fibres network in order to let the bone flexible with no scope for breaking. Here, calcium can be of help only to the bone outer shell but cannot be to osteoid. This is the reason calcium supplements will become in vain in preventing your postmenopausal osteoporosis or the above-mentioned fracture. There is another point deserves mentioning here. People practice weight-bearing exercises for making bones strong and resistant to the fracture. These exercises are effective only before menopause. Those will not be of any help after menopause.

ERT or Estrogen Replacement Therapy was practised for this purpose in the early days in the 80s and 90s. Many studies earlier were proven that estrogen is successful in reducing the risk of hip fracture. But, later it was found that only 50% of cases are finding this therapy as useful while there is no other therapy showing effective for this purpose. It is important for women to consider ERT from menopause to the rest of their lives in order to let it be effective. It is important here to take osteoporosis as a chronic illness like diabetes and others. So, ERT (Estrogen Replacement Therapy) or HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is not a permanent solution for your osteoporosis or hip fracture. It should be a constant approach and stopping it at any point in time can attract again the problem instantly. Estrogen is definitely capable enough to show a positive impact on your bone health subject to condition on its continuation.

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