Focus tips and tricks to be followed



Mind is the reason for success and mind is the reason for failure.

Some examples to understand how powerful is your subconscious mind.

Example 1 for focus

When you are riding a two wheeler, It needs self talk before riding. Every work needs talk with theĀ  subconscious mind. Like how to control the balance , How to ride in traffic. Don’t get diverted with ads and poster banners. Without self talk , You won’t get desired results or what you actually wants.

Example 2 for focusways to concentrate

In japan the motivational speaker is called ‘ZEN’. One day Zen went to america to deliver motivational speech. After completing his speech. He is about to leave for the next day morning flight . MBA college principal came to his room asking to deliver a motivational speech in his college. As the students of the college are not performing well in the exams.

Zen is religious and the next day is ‘mounvrat’ for him, It means he won’t talk on that day. The principal convinces zen, Even you won’t talk just visit our college for few minutes .

The next day zen visits the college , he didn’t talk and starts to address the students with his actions.

He sits on the chair reserved for him and orders coffee. The guard to his right brings coffee in a cup with soccer . Zen asks for extra coffee and pours on the top of filled cup, Coffee overflows.

He orders coffee again with no coffee inside. He then places the cup upside down , pours coffee on top the cup. The coffee fells on the floor and sprinkles here and there.

Third time again he orders coffee, With a cup and soccer. And asks the person to bring coffee and he pours coffee inside the cup. Which we normally do.


Overflowing coffeeoverflow coffee

Here zen wants to say , Assume the cup as your brain . The brain filled with unnecessary thoughts such as movies, Songs and some unwanted stuff. These kind of students go to college/ school. But their brainĀ  fills with unwanted stuff like coffee in the cup . So even they go to school regularly their mind won’t concentrate on the things they have to learn. It gets waste as the coffee.

Inverted coffee cup

Inverted coffee cup is like the brain which doesn’t allow anything , It means these type of students think they know everything. They don’t want others to give them suggestions or teach them. Like the coffee cup which is invert, Don’t want any external knowledge like the coffee going into it. Here knowledge gets waste.

Open coffee cupcoffee lesson

Open coffee cup here is the open brain. Ready to absorb knowledge. These kind of students do not over think themselves. They are calm and ready to absorb knowledge, Their brain is not filled with unnecessary stuff.

The students of the college understood the whole concept and thanked ZEN . For his wonderful lesson.

Later the performance of the students improved and shows awesome results in the examinations.

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