Folic Acid or Folate in Pregnancy is Explained

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Folic acid or folate

The increased amount of folate is the greatest necessity for pregnant women as this is Vitamin B. This folate as Vitamin B helps in baby’s cell division. Here, it is a warning to pregnant women that low levels of folate can result in neural tube issues that are attributed to the incomplete developments of organs like the spinal cord, brain and early pregnancy protective cover. Such babies are seen with issues as anencephaly and spina bifida. The mentioned reasons are clearly indicating the importance of folate for the pregnant female. If you worry now and plan to acquire ample folate then I must tell you that it is not that much easy to acquire it alone through your food. Folic acid tablets are often suggested by doctors as a supplement here. It is imperative to consume these tablets a minimum of four weeks prior to the 12 weeks of pregnancy. Yet, you should consider the foods without fail those are rich with folic acid too. This is the best way to keep up well your body with ample folate.

Importance of Folic Acid or Folate in Pregnancy is Explained

The folic acids of suitable dosage are mandatory for pregnant women those are with conceiving issues due to the affected neural tube-like spina bifida family history women. The doctor will prescribe a suitable dosage here by learning the pregnancy issues and family history. Definitely, folate deficiency is not an easy thing to ignore by future mothers and it is always wise to keep tracking your levels in a way suitable measures can be taken up in time.

Dietary Sources of folic acid or Folate:

• Green leafy vegetable, but make it sure to wash them well prior to cook.
Citrus fruits,
• Wholegrain bread
• Dried beans kind of legumes
• Breakfast cereals and some juices those are rich with folic acids.
• The liver is another source but limits it to mere 100gms per week by keeping in mind its rich Vitamin A content. Also, make it sure the liver is cooked properly and consumes it while hot.

Now, it might be understood well the importance of folate and make it sure to check its levels constantly. This is the best way to keep healthy pregnant mother and the baby too. Natural sources are always a good choice here, but they fail to acquire ample levels. So, it is nothing wrong to be dependent on supplements, but that should be prescribed by the doctor only.

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