Glamour Glow brilliant home made hacks


Glamour glow, we often spend a lot of money on cosmetics. What if I tell you there are better home hacks available for this purpose? There are many beauty solutions you can make from the comfort of home. In fact, these are safe than cosmetics as you will be using things that are natural.

Brilliant Home Hacks for Glamour Glow

Home Hacks for Beauty glamour glow

• Lips Plump: Pouted lips are always a great glamour quotient. Who didn’t dream of such lips after seeing Anushka Sharma in Peekay? There is the best hack for this purpose. Take olive oil in a small jar. Submerge few cinnamon sticks into this olive oil jar. Let the mixture infuse for more than 2 weeks. Apply this oil on your lips to get that plump on your lips.
• Bye, Bye Split Ends: Hair fragility has been a stressing issue for us all for ages. We might use many conditioners and masks to get rid of it but been in vain. At this kind of situation, one solution may be useful. Take hair cut scissors and be diligent on your ends. This could help you as split never travel further more up to your hair shaft. This is the best way to gain control on your split ends.
• Rejuvenate Skin: It is very easy to keep your skin healthy and shining. Brew one cup of your favourite green tea and transfer it into a spray bottle. Keep this bottle in the refrigerator. Use its mist regularly over your face as a refresher. Use this spray as a cleanser on the face every day morning and this will tone up your face. This is the best natural way to bring youth life to your skin.
• Bouncy and Clean Hair: Many housewives often use plenty of oil on their hair and they do not get time for hair wash for two days. Such a situation leads to greasy hair that could impact your looks. There is a hack to gain control of such a situation. Sprinkle some baby powder at the roots of hair before bed. When you wake up, you will get to see oil free bouncy, clean locks giving one more day time to take hair wash. Similarly, there will be dry ends issue too for such people. Apply Moroccan oil before bed and you will get to see next day morning brilliant hair.
• Hydrate Skin: In our busy life, skin damage has become a common issue. Most of the skin damage issues happen due to lacking hydration. We buy many skin creams and moisturizers to get your skin hydrated but end with nothing. The best solution at this point in time is aloe vera. Apply pure aloe vera gel every day morning and night. You will get to see your skin glow radiantly.

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