Good wife Good husband qualities explained using story


Good wife Good husband needs some extra ordinary qualities ?

In today’s busy lifestyle Married couple are having their own set of rules , Women want her husband to be

  • Taking care of her.
  • Giving importance to her likes and dislikes.
  • Spending time with her.
  • Surprise her everyday with costly gifts .

A women want her husband to give utmost importance to her ( wife ) other than any other work or human being.

Men want his wife to be

  • Taking good care of children.
  • Taking good care of his parents.
  • Able to handle inside work and also outside work.
  • Keeping the house and herself clean always.
  • Prepare yummy dishes .
  • Intelligent .

Let us take a example and go deep

Example 1 ( good wife good husband )

In a family , Husband takes care of everything like bringing groceries , Helping children in their studies, Cooking with wife in kitchen and doing his job. But the wife is unhappy with her husband because her husband is not  giving space to her likes and dislikes . When they go for shopping , She likes green color but her husband likes olive green color. She have to take the other color and go according to her husband wish.

Ultimately not happy and comfortable for not  selecting her own wish. She needs some privacy to do her own shopping and select the things according to her wish.

Humans are never perfect , They like the things and qualities which others have . But not at all happy and satisfied with what they have.

Example 2 ( good wife good husband )

Another scenario in which Husband just give her money  for expenses at home . He doesn’t involve in any activities at home like Groceries, Monthly bills , Children school, Buying vegetables nothing. His wife is upset and want her husband to involve in the activities and spend time with her. Want to go shopping with her husband . Buy his choice of clothes. Not happy with all the burden handling on her head. She needs extra hand in her work.

As always , Human have monkey mentality and not at all happy and satisfied with what god has given them.

Let’s discuss olden days 

In olden days activities like

These activities require lot of time , For cooking there is some kind of set up to be done before using sticks and cow dung . Washing clothes near ponds and lakes . So the activities take lot of time and pre-preparation. In olden days there is a culture of having many children . Ultimately women don’t have time to talk to her husbands . Busy with household work and looking after so many children is really a tedious job.

But the scenario is changed nowadays . Nuclear family and busy life style.

Women are well educated and having their independent lifestyle.


There are no certain qualities for good wife and good husband . Understanding each other is very important . It may take lot of time to to know each other completely .

Try to give personal space to each other . Other than family life. Like wife having her job and her friends circle.

Husband having his own friends circle. And coming to family life , Having common friends and relatives.

“Women” plays a important role in family . She should be inspiration for her children . In some situations , She may have to be adjusted to her husband wish , But that’s not a problem.

In your daily life when you are  adjusting with your Co workers , Boss . You are adjusting even in train , Bus etc.

why don’t you adjust with your life partner ?

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