grb ghee

“Ghee topped dal ” Everyone out there have enjoyed this and will agree with its incomparable taste.

Ayurveda says Ghee is good for health when taken on daily basis . There is also a scientific evidence that Ghee protects inner layer of stomach from gastric juice.

It helps to promote the digestive fire called OJAS and helps in enhancing physical and mental health.

Ghee is rich in vitamins like

Vitamin A , E ,K

Ghee is rich in K2 and CLA ( Conjucated Linoleic Acid) .


  • It helps in digestion , Adding ghee in food adds taste and helps in boosting digestion.
  • Balances the PITTA ( heat ) in the body and makes the body cool.
  • Removes toxins .
  • Boosts immunity and improves bone health.
  • Good for Hair , Skin , Heart due to presence of good fats .
  • Helps in lose weight ( portion control is important )
  • Ghee is used for Body massaging.

Ghee for cooking – High smoke point ( 250 deg ) , It is good for cooking and frying and doesn’t break down into free radicals like many other oils.

It doesn’t spoil easily lasts for 100 years without refrigeration.

Fry spices in ghee – Its is a Herbal Energiser , Many of the properties of herbs and spices when fried in ghee, Extracts more properties and targets certain areas in body.

Anti- inflammatory and Anti-cancer – Ayurvedic physicians consider ghee enemas for free Bowel movement and decrease inflammation.

Natural Anti – aging – The anti- oxidants in ghee makes it a natural anti – wrinkling cream.


Myth : Ghee is fattening

Truth : It is Lipolytic , Which breaks down fat .

Myth : Ghee is harmful to heart

Truth : Ghee contains Vitamins A, E, K and D , Congugated linoleic acid which are fat soluble and healthy for heart.

Myth : Ghee contains saturated fat

Truth : Yes , It contains saturated fat which neutralise stubborn fat but not the saturated fats in cakes , Biscuits and Pizza.

Myth : Ghee increases cholesterol

Truth : Liver produces excess cholesterol under stress , Ghee helps in de -stressing , Sleep better to wake up fresh in the morning.


I found alternative to homemade ghee . I never purchased store brought ghee. Plus not able to make efforts from the fresh cream . I thought of some easily available alternative, Didn’t exploring much brought GRB ghee and never looked back for trying some other brands. It is simply amazing with authentic homemade ghee taste. Used in hot rice and dal ‘MIND BLOWING’ experience , It is heavenly aromatic and tastes awesome.

Iam using it with Roti, Pongal , Temperings and making sweets with GRB ghee .

The sweets with GRB ghee literally melts in the mouth. They taste awesome. I particularly like to pour hot ghee on top of sweet pongal with lots of nuts . That is my favourite.

It is available from 100 ml to 1 litre.

grb ghee
GRB ghee price 200 ml

They are also available in pouches with a reasonable price and trial purpose. I bought 200 ml for Rs 137, Pretty much affordable.


  • Granular texture
  • Rich aroma
  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Pure
  • Tastes awesome


You need

Ghee ( any brand )

Iodine solution

  1. Take ghee 2 tablespoons and put it in a glass plate.
  2. Now take take 4 drops of iodine solution using dropper.
  3. Pour iodine 4 drops on plate containing ghee .
  4. If the mixture changes to blue colour it is adultered.
  5. If the mixture remains same with the colour of iodine solution means the the ghee is pure.

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