healthy skin diet plan with only Rupees 5


healthy skin diet plan

Beauty doesn’t need costly equipments. In this article I will share some easy Rs 5 recipes for a healthy glowing skin.

Present trend for beauty

Women want to be beautiful from outside , And not from inside. Applying some makeups , Using costly creams to hide their spots and wrinkles. But this is not the correct way to be beautiful. Beauty and fitness comes from changing lifestyle. Eating raw fruits and vegetables make you beautiful from inside. This is applicable even you are a house wife or a celebrity.

Women are spending lakhs for the younger and fitter looking body and skin.  But they lack the basics of beauty which is

  • Healthy Diet
  • Exercise

Recipe 1(healthy skin diet plan)vegetable juice

To look healthy needs healthy diet. What is healthy diet ?

Healthy diet which is a balanced diet containing all the necessary 5 requirements .

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

This recipe is rich in vitamins and minerals and most importantly water which is crucial for the glowing skin and proper functioning of body.


  • Tomato
  • cucumber
  • coriander
  • ginger
  • lemon

The ingredients are pretty simple and easily available at home without any prior buying. first take a mixer  keep it aside and wash the vegetables under the tap. Take one tomato , 1 cucumber, 1/2 bunch of coriander leaves , 1/8 of ginger , 1/2 lemon. Put all of them in a mixer ( except lemon ) and grind them into a fine paste by adding 1/2 cup of water according to the consistency you want , Because cucumber already have water . So put water according to the consistency. Put the juice in a glass and squeeze 1/2 lemon into it .

Your magic juice for healthy and glowing skin is ready . How much does it cost ? For me it’s almost nill. Because everything is available at home. This juice can be made by all income groups , From people living in huts to the people living in bungalow.

This juice should be drink instantly once made, Because it undergoes oxidation when kept for long time. Drink this juice morning on empty stomach , Wait for 45 minutes and have breakfast. Vegetable juices are considered healthier than fruit juices .

It is said that eating the whole fruit is better than fruit juice.

Recipe 2 ( healthy skin diet plan )

This recipe requires only ‘ Honey ‘. Honey is immortal, Which never dies. What makes honey powerful

Honey consists of

  • 35% glucose
  • 39% fructosehoney
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Anti-viral
  • Vitamins and minerals

Yes , Honey is little bit costly but not costly compared to the creams and lotions . And its benefits will surprise you. Massage the face with honey on regular basis. It makes the skin soft, Skin instantly absorbs  all the nutrients present in honey . No chemical enzyme conversion required , Skin absorbs instantly. Massaging with honey produces friction and fructose present in honey make the skin look fair , By removing unwanted cells on the upper part of skin .

Honey make the hair white ?

Does honey make the hair white ?  ” NO ” There is a wrong belief that honey makes the hair white. How does it came , I will explain it using a story.

Indians have habit of rubbing Teerdham on hair . What is Teerdham ( it is a offering at temple , Which is made of honey, Milk and bananas ) . Rubbing the Teerdham on hair doesn’t effect the hair but for cleanliness purpose , If you forget the honey applied on hair , It become a place for ants and also spoil the bedsheets . To avoid that Ancestors from generations to make the habit of washing hands after taking Teerdham, Started saying children that honey makes the hair white.

Tips for oily skin

Giving the face steam is beneficial for oily skin. The pores in the skin opens up removing the unwanted cells and dirt on the skin. You can do this process by first applying few drops of coconut oil on the face before giving steam. This is done to protect to the skin from heat.

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