Healthy skin necessities with top 4 tips


Healthy skin, The main intention of every woman is to look young, Even they get old but the skin should not lose its elasticity and glow. To achieve this they struggle using all types of creams and lotions. Which promise for younger-looking skin, Unfortunately even after using for years they don’t find any improvements in their skin.

Women like to get identify for their beauty even in their 40 ‘s and 50’s. They want to look the same after marriage and after having kids, With the same glow and charm.

4 TIPS for healthy-looking skin

  1. Water

Water is very essential for healthy-looking. But women won’t drink water

Reasons women don’t drink water

  • Fear of getting urine.
  • Shy to go to urine in public places.
  • Fear of what people think, If they use the bathroom frequently.

This wrong attitude makes them suffer for a lifetime. Skin the biggest organ in the body and continuously exposed to heat, Dust. Water keeps the skin hydrated and protects the skin. Not drinking enough water results in the breakdown of collagen, Which is present inside the skin.

For example 

Like a cycle Tyre filled with air helps in the smooth running of the vehicle. The water protects the skin from wrinkles. Collagen won’t break down if u drink water, Water gives elasticity and smooth skin. Drink at least 5 liters of water every day. Does it cost you anything? Water is suggested to drink 1 hour before meals and 1 hour after meals.

  1. Vitamin C and A

Many of us have a habit of eating pre -Heated food. The food is prepared in the morning and heated again in the oven. This kind of food removes elasticity in the skin. Vitamin C and A are crucial for younger-looking skin and to avoid wrinkles. So, I suggest the low-cost vegetable juice the perfect solution for this

  • Take 2 carrots
  • Two ripe tomatoes
  • pinch of beetroot
  • Lemon

Excellent solution for healthy-looking skin. This juice is filled with vitamin C and A. Carotene present in carrot converts to vitamin A after passing through the liver. Grind carrots, Tomatoes, and beetroot and squeeze a lemon after pouring in the glass. Drink in the morning and evening have some fruit.

This juice will definitely protect your skin from an old age look.

  1. Dinner

For a healthy lifestyle and strong immunity. Eat fruits at night and some Almonds, Pista, and walnuts. They are a rich source of vitamin -E. If you are looking for a low-cost alternative as dry fruits are costly and not affordable for many people. Take ground nuts and sesame seeds, They are cost-effective and provides the same benefits as dry fruits.

Nuts consist of.

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Vitamin E

Protects skin for wrinkles. Guava is also suggesting for vitamin C and fair skin. Early dinner and eating fruits cleanse the body.

  1. Exercise for healthy skin

Exercise helps in blood flow. If you are busy women, Try to exercise at least thrice a week. It may be yoga, Sit-ups, Walking, Running. Exercise provides a nice structure to the body. It also activates happy hormones present in the body. So, It is suggested to do Yoga or any exercise skipping is also very beneficial. It improves blood flow in the skin. Which is also crucial for younger and healthy skin.

Follow all these cost-effective steps and enjoy life to the fullest.



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