How To Clean Greased washbasins and taps?


How To Clean Grease, Stained Wash Basin and Rusted Taps In 2 Mins

Today I am going to share a super easy cleaning trick with you … how to clean sink and remove rust stains! If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is trying to keep the porcelain sinks in our bathrooms clean. They seem to attract dust, grime and if you rest anything metal on them for even the shortest amount of time, then you have a rust stain.   Well, a few weeks ago I tried something new that showed the best result, so I thought of here sharing my trick.

I  tried many tricks to get rid of those bad stains but, I ended with no satisfaction. With this trick, I clean all my washbasins within no time. I’m not even kidding!  It took seconds, and cost nothing.  I am so excited that it actually worked, and will be using this fabulous trick more often! Here it is

Things you  Need:

Harpic or any best Toilet cleaner

Good Scrubber

A pair of Hand gloves

Clean and dry wipe

What You Need To Do:

  • Clean the dust with water. Pour the Harpic all over the sink and mainly over the rusted area.

how to clean stained washbasin






  • Leave for 10 minutes.
  • Now gently scrub the strains and tap as well with a good scrubber. Do not forget to wear hand gloves.

  • Clean with water. If you still find any strains repeat the above steps and clean with water.
  • Wipe with clean and dry cloth.


  • Now its time for you to be amazed to see the result…


  • Do not wait to clean until the sink gets totally dirty.
  • Make a habit of cleaning it twice a week.
  • Avoid placing any metals over the sink, for example, a shaving brush which leaves a metal residue.
  • Use separate scrubber for every wash basin.

I hope you will definitely try this trick and let me know your experience with me. Do you have any best tips and tricks please share in the comments below. You can watch the detailed video of this in the link below:

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