How to make money online from home 2020 ? ( part 1 )



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There are many ways to make money from online , In this article iam sharing top 5 ways . In part 2, I will share another 5 ways .

1. Blogging

bloggingBlogging is the best platform to earn money . It is all about sharing your interests to the world  digitally. What are the basic things you need to start a blog.

  • Passion ( To start a blog you need passion for anything like crafts, Art , Movies , Gadgets etc..)

To write articles in website , You should have particular interest to that topic. How a website is made ?

  • Domain name
  • Web hosting
  • Mapping domain name to the hosting
  • Installing wordpress
  • Designing theme with menus , Headers , Footers.
  • Installing necessary plugins

And now you are done with blog set up. Start writing articles in the blog , Till you get Adsense approval.

2. Affiliate Marketting ( make money online )

What is affiliate marketting ?

You are not a manufacturer  but a product is selling from you is called affiliate marketting. You are acting as broker between manufacturer  and customer .  A customer is buying  product from you with the provided link generated .

You will get some commission , When people purchase from your link . The commission or percentage  depends on manufacturer. It ranges from 30% to 70%.

To start affiliate marketting , You need blog. First create a Ad and paste the link and insert the Ad between articles. When people read your article and find anything interesting , They will definitely click the link and purchase. Blog should have enough traffic to generate better income.

Some of the examples of affiliate marketting is  

3. Selling Own Products ( make money online )

Selling products manufactured by you , In other way selling your own products . This also needs blog . Products such as Crafts, Art work , Handmade products or you can sell Digital products like E books , Videos , Files etc.

Here you don’t need anyone help to market your business . You can market your business with your blog and can generate sales with a good income.

4. Reseller   ( make money online )                                                                                                 

This is nearly related to affiliate marketting. The difference is you are recommending products to the customer , Which you have used . Resellers earn a profit of nearly 50 – 70% recommending products. This is a very good source of income sitting at home.

Some websites offer reselling program like


5. Sponsored Articles 

When your blog start getting enough traffic , You will get sponsored articles . So everything needs blog , Its is necessary to make money online and prove our skills and identity. Here big companies approach you to publish a article about them. The article is written by them you just need to publish with your name in the blog.

For each article they pay minimum 1000 or more according the traffic on the blog. If your blog is popular and won awards.

They will pay the money which you desire.

Fiverr is a website in which you market your skills according to that work is handed to you. If you are good at content marketting or website designing whatever skills you expertise . You get jog related to that.

In this website 

Here you don’t need to worry about money for your work . Fiverr  first take the payment from the client , It acts as a mediator between client and you.

In next article ( part 2 ) I will share another 5 ways to make money sitting at home .

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