Innocence story will definitely make you laugh



Hindi Begunaahee
Marathi Nirdosapana
Tamil Appavittanam
Telugu Amayakatvam
Kannada Mugdhate
Sanskrit Maugdhya

Innocence in different indian languages

Definition of Innocence

Innocence is absence of essential knowledge. An innocent person doesn’t have awareness of his doings, And do things from heart.

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Story of innocent man and woman

Once there lives a woman with her two sons. The elder son dies due to medical conditions. Old woman is innocent , The younger son is fetching for some work, He is not well educated. One day her son goes out to fetch for work.

Old woman is lonely at home , Than a man came and asks for water. She offers him water, And asks him from where are you coming ? He replies , “From lok ” ( Here lok means place where¬† soul of dead person lives ) . He answers the question randomly , He don’t know about her elder son death. Old woman understands like , This man is coming from her son’s living place and he know him very much .

She asks How is my son ? What is he doing there? He replies, Your son is taking care of cranes. His shirt is torn while taking care of them. Old woman feels very sad and gives 43 meters of shirt piece to stitch and some money . Asks him give them to my son. After taking all of them he vanishes.

Old woman son comes home and she narrates the story , what has happened. Her feels bad for her innocence and loss of cloth piece, Which he brings for himself.

Then he gets an idea , Why not do this in a planned way ? The other day he goes to a village of king.

Innocence of king and queen

He reaches kingdom of king, Didn’t go inside and starts talking¬† to pigs outside. Queen accidentally see him from her balcony and wonders , Why is this person talking to pig ? She calls him inside and asks about it. He replies those pigs are our relatives .

Queen replies , How ?

he Says the pig’s mother is grown at my wife mother’s place. There is a marriage and i am inviting her daughter for the marriage with her piglets. The queen believes everything and sends the pig and the piglets with the chariot and a horse.

When the king returns home , Queen narrates everything happened. King gets angry and goes on his horse to fetch him. He ( The person who ran with pigs and chariot ) didn’t go too far and noticed the king coming for him. Plans for another idea. And hides the chariot and pigs in the bushes. And sits near the road with a hat on the ground.

The king finally reaches him, Not knowing he is a thief . Kings asks him about the chariot and pigs , Did he see them anywhere ? He replies i have seen them , I can go and fetch for them . But my minister orders to take care of falcon .

Which is under this hat , It will fly away . If i go fetch for the chariot and pigs. The king says , I will take care of this falcon. You go and fetch. He replies, What is the guarantee that you will take care of my falcon ? Than he king gives rs 300 , To have trust on him.

Then what happens he went off with chariot , Piglets and money .

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