Iron Importance for Children Explained

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Iron is very essential for children because it is a mighty mineral that instils energy, concentration power and perfect mental functioning in the body for all age people. This mineral is quite essential for growing children. Our body’s every cell contains the iron mineral. Carrying oxygen through bloodstream would be quite flawless through this mineral. In turn, energy will be developed in the body yet sustaining the good immunity in addition too. Here, deficiency of iron can result in anaemia that means the reduction of body haemoglobin. This haemoglobin is red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. This iron deficiency kind of situation is dangerous in children and it can be seen through symptoms like:

Iron Importance for Children Explained

• Energy levels low
• Low immunity by letting infections to attack
• Learning impairment
• Poor appetite.

Causes for Iron Deficiency in Children:

• At the age of six months, the baby cannot satiate for iron through breastfeeding milk. It is important for mothers to introduce complementary foods along with breastfeeding as growth after 6 months demands good levels of the iron mineral. The iron stored in the bay during birth can satiate till to 6 months age. So, introduce some solids to above 6 months babies those are rich with iron like baby cereals, chicken and meat.
• Some babies fed with cow milk for various reasons instead of breast milk. If the baby is feeding through cow milk then it is imperative to remember that such will be less in minerals and vitamins. Also, it contains high protein and salt in cow milk which is not safe for babies aged below one year. So, babies with cow milk intake should be taken better care for it needs without fail otherwise can result in that mineral deficiency drastically.
• Food intake is always the main source for Iron for babies. This is good with meat, but possible through vegetarian diet too. So, make wise food choices for your baby keeping in mind the it’s levels maintenance.
• Babies often refuse to take food. This kind of inadequate intake is also another reason for this deficiency.
• Vitamin C is always vital in absorbing iron in the body. If your baby is lacking ample Vitamin C then it could also lead in this deficiency too.

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