Lemon is Your Natural Deodorant



We’re living in a world that is full of different formulas to help you well in many needs. Deodorant is one such. We see daily many promos on different deodorants while most of them fail to affirm well to their claims. Most of these products’ chemical counterparts are failing and some are not safe too. If you look in every deodorant that is for sale in the markets, you will find one common ingredient in most of them and that is lemon. Your lemon is a common vegetable always there in your kitchen. You know something; you can make a natural deodorant with the help of these lemons.

Lemon is Your Natural Deodorant

Fresh Lemons are Handier 

Many women already found that fresh lemon juice as a successful formula to keep the armpits totally odour free. Now, your very simple kitchen lemon can be the greatest help in keeping your body odour at bay and trust their simplicity without fail. It will work as an effective deodorant for the whole day. The citric acid in lemons successfully kills bacteria that are the root cause for your body odour. Market selling deodorants too contain the same citric acid but come with added antiperspirant or some scent in it. Trust your kitchen lemon for body odour and it will work far better than any other deodorant yet enduring successfully for the entire day. If you want to plan this home deodorant then cut a lemon in two halves. Take one half and rub its exposed wedge over the underarms. You can use the same half lemon again tomorrow too by keeping it in a sealed cover inside the refrigerator. Each lemon half can serve you one whole week successfully.

Stick To Nature Way 

As I said we live in a world where the product will not get its value unless spent more on it. Initially, using a lemon as a natural deodorant can sound little difficult and you may see it as smelly too. Everything requires a transition period. In the initial days of this usage, you may find it difficult but becomes quite acceptable down the line. It requires little patience. Trust it and it is your first step towards turning totally natural and this one natural product usage can motivate you further to accept many more of similar in nature in your lifestyle. Stick to this natural routine in a way it can be quite easy for you to become a naturalist soon.

Reinforce your Naturalist Nature

As I said above there is a transition period and you may add some other natural remedy into your regime to reinforce your intent to become naturalist further. As I said initially using lemon as natural deodorant initially may make feel like smelly. Add to this practice with one home remedy as armpit detoxifier. Make a paste with benotine clay and your favourite apple cider vinegar. Apply it as a mask in your armpits. This is totally natural and effective in pulling out harmful toxins from your armpits. It will add up as more effective to your deodorant in eliminating bad odour.

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