make money part 2 online from home


make money part 2

Hii everyone

In this article i will share another 5 ways to earn money online.

1.Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services like Facebook Ads , SEO , SEM , Social media marketing , Or any course you are good at , You can provide this service to others with some cost. First learn these courses and practice them on your own , Have some experience .

When you are perfect offer this services to others. This is done online sitting at home . If your services get good reputation , Start a digital marketing agency.

You can services like

  • Blogging
  • Web site Developing
  • Content writing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Facebook Ads
  • Graphic Designing
  • Video Marketing

2. Google Adsense ( make money part 2 )

Making money from Google Adsense needs Blog . Everything interlinks to blog. If u have blog you can easily earn money in different ways. When you are applying for  Adsense approval . A code is to be pasted on header section than the blog starts displaying Display Ads. For each Ad Google Adsense  pays money.

Sponsored Articles and Affiliate marketing are others sources of earning from blog , Which i discussed in part 1.

Before applying for Google Adsense , Blog needs privacy policy on footer section , Which is considered important . Everything needs practice . Blogging is mastered only with practice . Write minimum 10 -15 articles  before applying for Google Adsense.

3. Youtube ( make money part 2 )

Youtube is making videos and uploading . What  kind of videos , Depends totally on your passion. When you start blog or youtube channel follow your passion.

What is passion?

Passion is something

  • which you like to do even when you are tired .
  • Not feeling it as a burden .
  • You enjoy while doing it.For example : You are having a passion for Art and Crafts . If someone wakes you up in the middle of night and ask you to to draw , You should not feel it as a burden. That is passion.
  • You won’t get sleep until you complete it.To earn money from youtube , The channel should be monetised. Channel monetisation depends on
  • How many views you are getting .
  • Subscriber count .

4. Teaching Online 

make money part 2

Due to covid-19 pandemic . Online classes are on the go. People started showing interest in online classes. From LKG kids to PG students classes are held online. If you are good at some particular skill . you can start advertising your skills online. you can also do this by writing a E book .

  • Create a Ad
  • Advertise your skill.
  • Generate traffic.
  • Take money .
  •  Schedule Zoom meetings / Google meetings.
  • Start Teaching .

Earn money just sitting at home.

5. Lead Sales

What is lead sales ?

For example : You run a Career Guidance website . In that website you will have information of students coming to that website . Engineering colleges need student profile to contact them or tell them about the college.

Colleges contact the website to give them the information of students ,  This is called leads.

One lead is sold at Rs 800 approximately .

The companies like Just Dial collect these leads and sell them . For this you should have knowledge related to, How to generate leads . And a good practice related to that.

They won’t provide Leads for free , Instead take money .

These are some ways you can make / Earn money online .

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