New Born Baby’s Health checking tips

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New born babies are always precious. A mother always takes better care about their infants. It is a very common character of every mother to worry a lot about the newborn bay. There are some routine and easy tests a mother can carry out for this purpose in the hospital to know the well being and health of the baby. In fact, it is good and worth to learn about the baby ahead of the time.

Tips to Check New Born Baby’s Health

1. Heel Pick Testing: It is also known as newborn metabolic testing and got some more synonyms as PKU and Guthrie. It is imperative to take this test by taking a blood sample from the baby’s heel within 48 to 72 hours after him or her born. A small quantity of blood is taken from the baby’s heel over a card using a tiny prick. 20 different and rare metabolic conditions and disorders checked in the lab using this blood sample. A lab test is mandatory for this purpose. Very rare baby cases will turn out to be some metabolic disorder and such will be treated in early days safely.
2. Hearing Testing: Check for baby’s hearing is another important aspect that is wise to be carried out. A tiny and soft ear cup will be used in this testing to test the baby’s ear while sleeping. This cup generates very mild and soft sound only. It can help hearing loss detection early in a way suitable treatment can be imparted without fail. This hearing test is all about whether the baby is responding to the sounds that are played well through the cup. It is not harmful at all. Every year 6% of babies are found to be with a hearing loss. So, it is always a wise step to detect hear loss while babies are infants and to ensure required treatment if necessary.

Why it is Necessary to Test New Born: It is not wise to wait to realize issues in babies. The late finding can result in troubles for correction. These two tests are generally standard practices, but make it sure that your doctor or hospital carried out them duly. It is always parents’ responsibility about these issues because any wrong happened in this context is obviously faced by parents first. This post is intended to provide you with mere awareness on the tests so as you or your family or your friends will get to know about them eventually and newborn will be safe. Every year many babies born with issues like deaf, dumb and some more are losing a lot in their future lives. It shouldn’t be the case with your child by taking up these standard tests duly. There are some more tests also there for babies, but doctors are the best choice for you to learn more about them.

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