Plant Based Food or Vegetarian Food Facts & Benefits


plant based Food definitely occupies a very important role in everyone’s life. We see here vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Very often we see non-vegetarian food consuming people strained through diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, cancer and some more. Keeping this in mind, many research studies conducted on both type of foods and found many valuable points. Some of the excerpts of such study are as below:

Plant Based Food or Vegetarian Food Facts & Benefits

1. Nutrition( plant based food ): It is a myth that health comes through medication and it is in fact imparted through nutrition. So, your intake is directly connected with your health. What you put in the body as diet will rule its functioning.
2. Animal Based Protein( plant based food ): Many people eat non-vegetarian because of its fat based protein. This study has proven that animal-based protein can pose into a reason for cancer in the human body. The main protein of milk is casein and it can help to reduce cancer-causing cells. So, avoid or reduce animal-based protein in order to prevent many of the ill conditions.
3. Disease Reversing( plant based food ): It is possible to reverse many chronic diseases like heart issues through the best nutrition intake. Here, plant-based foods can successfully ward off many chronic diseases through their nutrition. A study revealed clogged arteries of heart patients found relief through plant-based food and its nutrition. So, vegetarian food got its rewarding benefits, but make it sure that your vegetables are clean from pesticides.
4. Plant-Based Diet: Your vegetarian food or plant-based food is completely on veggies, whole grains, tubers, legumes and fruits. These foods can provide you with the best nutrition that can ensure normal function to the body.
5. Non-Veg Food: It is true that eliminating favourite non-vegetarian food items is not that easy. You may reduce their quantities to minimum levels by adding it to your plant-based diet. This way you can balance your diet in a way helping well at keeping health hazards at bay too.

The study I mentioned above was carried out in China. The study considered above 367 variables in it by taking 65000 adults from 65 Counties in China. Their blood tests carried out at regular intervals along with questionnaires. All the testing measures were kept in place to make the study useful.

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