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Iron is an important supplement during pregnancy. It is essential keeping in mind the growing baby and increased blood volume of pregnant mothers. This requirement will be more for the pregnant women those are 3rd trimesters. This is the reason; pregnant women suggested often checking their iron levels. Doctors in general check for iron at 12th week time and between 32 and 34th weeks too. This verification through a doctor allows finding out the exact levels. If there is any deficiency in iron is found then doctors will suggest supplements. It is always a safe and good practice for pregnant women to consume an iron-rich diet in addition to the supplements. Maintaining good levels of iron can lead to good health for the growing baby yet supporting the mother’s blood levels improvement too.

Why Iron Is Essential for Pregnant Women is Explained

Here, it is imperative to learn a little bit about Vitamin C importance. The iron consumed through various sources is needed to be absorbed well. This absorption will be more efficient with the help of Vitamin C. So, a pregnant woman is wise enough to take a glass of citrus juice every day or you may replace it with any other fresh juice too. This will help well for the iron absorption for mothers. This juice consumption is good to add with your iron supplement taking time in order to reap out optimized results in return. Also, check for the iron levels once again after a few days of supplement intake initiated. It is mandatory to have improved levels prior to the baby’s birth. It is important to have ample iron to have a safe birth. In fact, it is a safe practice for baby and mother too.

The iron that is available through food is known as dietary iron. Here, animal-based foods are seen with rich iron. Importantly, this iron that comes through the red meat, fish and chicken are always good because of their easy absorption into the body. Also, the body utilizes it very easily too. For this purpose, the best dietary iron sources are:

• Lamb
• Beef
• Mussels and fish (these are cooked and served hot mandatorily)
• Chicken
• Liver (it should be limited 100gns per week because it contains high levels of Vitamin A too in it)

Iron also can be availed from plants too and these are known as plant-based iron. This kind of iron sources are:

• Legumes and vegetables
• Dry fruits, nuts and seeds
• Wholegrain cereals and bread.

The plant-based iron problem is its tough absorption with the body like the way dietary iron do. If you’re a vegetarian and plant-based iron is the only choice then make it sure to add that intake along with rich Vitamin C in order to ensure good absorption for the body. You may add for this purpose like fruit juice, tomatoes, dry fruits, fresh fruits and potatoes.

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