Scrubs worth Trying , 4 different varieties


scrubs worth trying

Our facial skin attracts a lot of dust all the time and most of the times that can result in blocking pores. Constant exfoliation process is definitely a must for the face. Facial scrubs are standing as a great help here. Scrubs are always good at exfoliation and shine your skin radiant. Let us see 4 home facial scrubs those are worth trying by all:

4 Different Scrubs worth Trying

1. Charcoal Scrub: It is a kind of scrub that is natural and easy to make at home. It is the best choice when you had a rough day and the entire world’s pollution attracted on to your face. Take a cup of baking soda, one cup of charcoal powder and few handful buds of lavender. Make a facial scrub using the mentioned items and use them. Your face successfully gets rid of all the dust from your face yet exfoliating it well from bringing life back to the skin.
2. Cake Scrub: It is a gentle one and good for daily scrub needs. Take a cup of sugar, one teaspoon full vanilla extract, cosmetic mica one teaspoon and one cup of coconut oil. Make it as a scrub and apply it. It takes a little while more to clean but the end result is always amazing.
3. Pumpkin Pie: It is another home scrub that can impart better results in return. Take a cup of sugar, vanilla extract one teaspoon, cinnamon powder one teaspoon and one cup of coconut oil. Use this scrub for mild dust and it is a gentle scrub yet being good to exfoliate too.
4. Citrus Scrub: This is a best and effective facial scrub. You can make it at home. Take a cup of Epsom salt, the quarter cup of grapefruit paste, half cup honey. Instead of grapefruit, you may take citrus fruit fresh juice too. This scrub is gentle and effective too, in making your skin glow radiantly.

Now, you might be asking me what the difference between scrub and facial is. A facial is all about cleaning the dust settled over the face while scrub contains grit in it that exfoliates the skin. Exfoliation is very important to bring back the life and shine to the skin. Generally, the dust settled on face tends to clog skin pores. Scrub eliminates such clogs through exfoliation.

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