Tips on Breastfeeding for New Moms


tips on breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is definitely a natural and safe process in the world. Many new moms are clueless about the entire process of breastfeeding how the baby satisfied, what kind of position is good for it and some more. Especially, first-time mothers deserve knowing a lot on this topic. It is not alone a topic to learn for moms, but also for support people too should know a lot on it.

Tips on Breastfeeding for New Moms

Timing is important in feeding your baby. Do not take every action of your baby as a demand for feeding. The cues you can understand in this context are:

• You may see some kind of sucking movements from the bay through their mouth and this is the cue that confirms the interest from the baby to feed.
• Wiggling body by the baby is another cue
• The rooting reflex you would see when you touch baby’s face, and then they will tend to turn towards by opening their mouth.
• When the baby suckles on their own hand, it could be an indication of hungry.

Now, you know the cues about the baby’s interest in feeding. Now, you should get comfortable for breastfeeding because it takes a while to feed satisfactorily the baby. Also, this requirement from the baby would be there at multiple times in a day. So, mom should make time with utmost comfort for this breastfeeding.

Positioning is another important factor here. It is always important to position skin to skin between mother and baby in order to facilitate the baby’s instinctive behaviour. Let us see some features of a good position for breastfeeding:

• It should be chest to chest by facing the entire body of the baby to the mother
• It is important to keep in align neck and head. Make it sure the neck is not twisted. Any uncomfortable position can lead to premature feed.
• Keep the baby’s body in perfect symmetry by letting the baby keep an arm over either side of the mom’s breast.

Now, let us know how to find whether the baby had satisfied feeding or not? There are some cues to understand your good feeding and those are:

• If the baby’s chin is totally firm over the breast in a way nose is comfortable in breathing.
• Look into your baby’s mouth while feeding. If it’s wide open while lips curled outwards then it is an indication of perfect feeding.
• If there is a deep jaw movement in the baby while breastfeeding then it is another cue for satisfaction.
• If the sucking is quite rhythmic immediately after initial sucking then it is another cue in this context.
• A deep suck by the baby with no pain results into amazement for mother and it is also a good sign.
• After the feed, look into the nipple. If it has gone into its pre-feeding shape, then it is another sign in this context too.

The above is the cue for good feeding and then how to understand this satisfaction got some cues as below:

• When there are dirty and wet nappies then it is an indication to satisfied feeding to the baby.
• Moist lips of the baby are an indication no dehydration and this happens when feed is satisfied.
• Normal sucking pattern is another indication here.
• There will be initial suck followed by suck, swallow and breath. This repeats constantly indicating the feeding is satisfactory for the baby.

hope you learnt the tips on breastfeeding . With this tips on breastfeeding

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