vaccum storage bags

Packing needs patience, It all starts with visualization. Any packing whether it’s a business trip, Wedding, Holiday spot should be visualised .

Ask these questions to yourself

  • Where are we going ?
  • With whom we are going ?
  • How will be the weather there ?

According to that, Visualize and plan the clothing for important dates like wedding , Dinner, Business meetings and some major meetings.


  • Remove all the packing material like ( cartons, Card box, Plastic cover) from the purchased goods.
  • If an item is occupying more space , Try to use it cleverly like putting socks, Tooth brush , Some small items into it.
  • Try to carry minimum footwear , They occupy lot of space.
  • Use vaccum bags , They reduces space occupied by clothes.
  • Pack heavy items at the bottom of suitcase.
  • Roll clothes instead of folding , Folding clothes occupy more space.
  • Use sunglasses case to put small things like ear phones and charger.
  • Pack a mesh bag to keep dirty clothes and rest of clothes.


About 2 weeks before . First create the list. Plan ahead and do extra shopping the related items . Try to keep gap of 2 weekends before planning trip.

Then 2 days before sit down , With the list and pack. It is like a puzzle game remembering and packing.


Rolling clothes occupy less space

  • SOCKS– Fold each other like a small cylinder.
  • SKIRTS – As trousers.
  • T- SHIRT – Fold the hands inward , fold the shirt length wise and roll up.
  • TROUSERS– Lay flat , Fold at the zip , Like two legs overlap each other and than rollup tightly.

Using packing cubes are highly recommended , They save lot of space . And make them look clean and organised.


Recently I purchased vaccum storage bags with pipe .

They are really very useful for travelling , Packing luggage.

Before inserting clothes into the cover . First roll them .

This package consists of

1 Big bag

4 Small bags

Pipe to remove excess air

I used medium size bag , About 40 baby pants were inserted , And I rolled the pants to occupy less space.

Just place all clothes in the bag . And ziplock it , The small instrument shown is given with package . The bag is provided with two ziplocks to provide extra protection , So that the air should not come out.

See the extra protection given.

vaccum storage bags

All four bags provides with the valves , For suction of air , And a cap to don’t let the air go inside.

vaccum storage bags

This is the cap for not letting the air go inside.

vaccum storage bags

Insert the pipe and rotate it like screw driver , So that it get fix , Now remove the excess air from the bag, Pull the pump handle outwards.

vaccum storage bags

This is the after result, The bag with clothes shrinks easy to carry and space saver!!!!!


  • Space saver.
  • Easy to carry.
  • It is transparent , All the items easily seen and easy to remove the necessary one.
  • No shrinkage of clothes after opening ziplock.


  • The sheet is thin .
  • It will tear , If we dump with more number of clothes.


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