Vaseline, 25 Top Uses & Benefits वैसलीन पेट्रोलियम जैली


vaseline uses and benefits

25 Top Uses & Benefits of Vaseline वैसलीन पेट्रोलियम जैली के प्रयोग

Hi, Today I want to share some Hacks related Vaseline(petroleum Jelly). I know you have come to know most of the uses, but today I really share some genuine uses which are worth to give a try.

Vaseline probably isn’t the first thing you think of when considering makeup-bag essentials. It’s one of those products that none of us remember buying, yet we all have a jar of it lying around somewhere. Vaseline generally called as petroleum jelly, which has some seriously life-changing beauty uses. You might use Vaseline for chapped lips, but the truth is that it can be used for countless small tasks around your house and can help with skin issues as well. This glossy cream is one of the iconic formulas that is probably there in your medicine cabinet. It is a multitasking cream, which is not meant to be used only as a lip balm, for burns, or to heal a diaper rash. From fixing squeaky doors to a shoe shiner, the petroleum jelly can be a go-to source for almost everything. 

You might know a couple of these, but there are many, that will surely be news to you. So take a look and see how this household product can make your life WAY easier.

1. Lip Balm using vaseline

vaselineYou can make your own lip balm using beetroot. Cut small pieces of beetroot, grind them and extract the juice and mix with vaseline and store in a clean container. Use it as a regular lip balm. It will moisturize and the natural color from beetroot looks natural lip color.

2. Highlighter 

Have you ever run out of highlighter in your makeup kit. Then don’t worry vaseline work as a wonderful highlighter. Take a pea-sized amount of Vaseline and rub it between your index fingers. Dab at the product along the tops of your cheekbones and smooth out with your finger for a quick and easy highlight that works on every skin tone. Use only the small amount of vaseline to keep it concentrated on your cheekbones. You can use this trick on no-makeup days to add a healthy glow or use it as a final step in your makeup routine as a highlighter.

3. Hair Serum

Works as the best alternative for hair serum. Use it after a shower and it gives a wet look but not in a greasy gelly way.

4. Handle Frizzy Hair

Worried about that small baby hairs after nice hairstyle. Vaseline works wonders to handle that small frizzy hair, rub the tiniest amount of Vaseline between your fingers and pat down baby hairs, flyways and frizz before heading out the door. Just remember to use this trick as a final step after using heat-styling tools!

5.Split Ends

In a pinch, a very small dab of Vaseline can be used in place of mousse or styling gel. After a nice hairstyle smear a tiny bit on your hands and apply through your hair for a split ends.

6. To Grow EyeBrow/EyeLashes

Dip a Q-tip makeup brush in your pot of Vaseline and rub your fingers over it to remove any excess. Running the Q-tip along the base of your eyelashes, gently apply the Vaseline to the roots of your lashes every night before bed for longer, stronger lashes.

7.Eye Make-up Longlasting

Use a point size amount of Vaseline as an eye shadow primer. Makes the eye shadow last longer.

8. Nail Cuticles using vaseline

Rub some petroleum jelly on the cuticles of your nails. This will soften the skin around your nails so you don’t have to worry about dry skin ruining your perfect manicure. Plus, it will make it easier to push back your cuticles, revealing more of your natural nail while still protecting your nail beds.

9. Apply before NailPaint

Spread a small amount of Vaseline Jelly on the outside of your nails before you paint them. The jelly will stop polish from going out spilling outside the lines of your nails when you apply it.

10. Before Using Perfumes

Dab some Vaseline on your wrists and neck before applying perfume to those areas. The petroleum jelly absorbs the scent better than your skin and giving the fragrance a base that will make the perfume last longer and stay fresh for hours.

11. Cracked Heels prevention using vaseline

Apply a generous amount of Vaseline on dry feet, put on a pair of socks and leave them on overnight for super smooth skin the next morning. It is the cheapest way to get rid of cracked heels instead of using expensive foot creams!

12. Make-up Remover

Petroleum jelly can easily break down hard-to-remove makeup, Using a dime-sized amount of Vaseline on a cotton pad to remove stubborn waterproof eye makeup. Simply close your eyes and gently massage the product into your eyelids and along the base of your lashes to loosen up tough makeup. Don’t forget to follow up with your normal facial cleansing routine to remove any residue from the makeup or Vaseline!

13.Dry Skin prevention

One of the best Vaseline Jelly uses on the face is to treat very dry skin. Apply Vaseline Jelly to problem areas. It will help lock in natural moisture and oils that your skin needs, giving you healthy looking, hydrated skin. Vaseline Jelly helps protect your skin from harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds. Before you go outside, put a thin layer of Vaseline Jelly onto sensitive areas, this will form a protective barrier, which locks in moisture to help protect your skin from the drying effects of the sun, wind, and cold. Remember, you should also use sunscreen with SPF 30 every day to protect your skin from the signs of sun damage.

14. Before Threading Eyebrows usage vaseline

Before plucking your eyebrows, rub some Vaseline on them. This will soften up your skin, and make the pain a little more bearable. Vaseline can be used to tame your eyebrows. After hair removal, your body is usually super sensitive, and applying lotions will just agitate it. Add some Vaseline, it will keep your skin smooth and not cause any redness or burning.

If you are out of eyebrow gel, just dip a cotton bud in Vaseline and rub it over your eyebrows. That will keep them in place.

15. Protect Your Skin from Hair Dye

If you color your hair at home, apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your hairline, the nape of your neck and around your ears before you start to create a barrier and prevent skin discoloration from the dye.

16. Shiner for Furniture

Using a very tiny amount of Vaseline on glossy shoes, purses, and other surfaces can help to quickly restore the shine and texture of those surfaces. It’s an easy and cheap way of shining up.

17. Help for Pets using vaseline

If you have dogs or cats as pets vaseline can treat your dog’s pad skin. Paws can crack and produce a great deal of discomfort. Clean their paws with cotton gauze, dry, and apply the jelly. Ideally, this should be done after a walk or when your pet is resting.

18. Ear Piercing

Some people will regularly lubricate ear lobes with Vaseline. The use of Vaseline helps to make earring insertion easy and painless.

19. Scrubber using petroleum jelly

Wonder!! Vaseline as a scrubber?? Mix a considerable amount of petroleum jelly with a little sugar to create your own scrub.

20. Diaper Rashes prevention using petroleum jelly

Babies’ have delicate skin that needs to be protected by only using gentle products. Vaseline Jelly is triple-purified, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating. It has been shown to provide protection against diaper wetness by the application of a continuous film to the skin in the diaper area. Apply a thin layer of petroleum Jelly to the rash – this will lock in moisture and keep out wetness – helping to soothe irritation and help prevent the rash.

21. Zip Smoother using vaseline

Everyone has to deal with a stuck zipper, whether it’s on your favorite jacket, backpack, or pair of pants, but a few things lying around your house might do the trick.

22. Stucking of Lids: 

Tired of nail polish caps sticking to the bottle? A dab of Vaseline will keep it from happening.

23. Natural Teeth Whitner using petroleum jelly

While it may seem odd, applying Vaseline to the teeth is an old stage-hand trick, used to get dancers and other performers more enthusiastic about grinning. It prevents your lips from sticking to your teeth and is a common preventative measure taken when applying lipstick. Done correctly, It can help avoid getting lipstick on the teeth.

Use caution and only apply a very small amount of Vaseline to your teeth. Nobody wants a mouthful of petroleum jelly.

24. Chewing gum Remover using vaseline

Everyone enjoys nibbling chewing gum. What if chewing gum becomes problematic for you? If chewing gum gets stuck in your hair or clothes, it can be really a challenge for you to remove it. But, you need not to worry as you can get rid of it by using a simple home remedy. Rub the required amount of petroleum jelly or Vaseline over the area where the gum is clung and work upon the residue with the help of comb or fingers.

25. General Wounds 

vaseline usesEven minor cuts and burns can be painful, but applying a layer of Vaseline Jelly helps protect your skin and locks in moisture.

I hope you enjoyed this post full of Uses!

Have you tried all these remedies? If not then try them now and share your experience with us in comments.

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