wake up early in the morning with these awesome tips


wake up early in the morning with these awesome tips


commitment is very necessary for doing any work , Same applies to waking up early in the morning. To wake up early the next morning, Plan it the previous night. When you plan all the work the previous night, It will be easy for the next morning. This applies both to the working women and also to the house wives. Say to yourself that you have to wake up early in the morning. Initially it is difficult but later you get accustomed to it.

Eat light food

Eat light and easy to digest food at night . Try to eat before 7 pm, It may not applicable to all but eat dinner like rice , Dal the wholesome meal before 7pm . After 7 pm if you feel hungry try to eat fruits, Upma as they are easy to digest. Eating heavy meals like chicken biryani , Mutton biryani takes lot of time to digest and you start getting bad burps and ultimately no sleep .

Bed room only for sleeping ( awesome tip to wake up early)

Use bedroom only for sleeping. For other works use the living room. Many students and working ladies( before marriage ) have the habit of putting the bag and throwing the dupatta on the bed . Because they are dependent on mom and pampered always:) Keep the bed neat and clean always . Have the habit of washing and wiping the feet before getting on bed.

Don’t go to bed with a fight

benefits of wake up in the morning
benefits of wake up early

Never go to bed with a fight with your husband , Mother-in-law , Friends, Colleague. It shows impact on your sleep. Suppose assume that the person you had fight is not there in the morning ( he/ she ) is dead. there is no other day is say sorry. Never have fight try to solve things in a cool way. the other you wake-up , God is giving other opportunity to prove yourself , You are blessed .

Exercise ( best tip to wake up )

Exercise before sleep releases happy hormones inside body. Which are necessary for a good sleep. Do 5 minutes or 7 minutes yoga , It is beneficial for your health and also for your brain. And you will feel very active to wake up early in the morning.

No caffeinated drinks (Top tip to wake up )

Don’t drink caffeinated drinks or soda before sleeping. Instead make an habit of taking lemon water or green tea before sleeping as they flushes out unwanted toxins from the body. Soda or any caffeinated drinks consists of lot of sugar which is very bad for health. The food that we take ” The satvic diet ” which consists of rice , Dal , Salad and curs already have require amount of sugar for our body.

Read a book or listen to light music

Reading books like chandamama kathalu makes you nostalgic. I remember my friend says reading books makes me sleepy. Books are powerful medicine. I have an habit of gifting books. Because books are best friends and they change your life .

Listen to light music not the hip hop type . There are many videos and music available in internet.

No cellphone

Never use cell phone before sleeping, Don’t read books from cell phone they strain eyes because of blue light. Some people have an habit of keeping phone under pillow. It is dangerous, It makes the place hot like iron , Have you ever observed. These tips to wake up help you.


Early to bed and early to rise keeps the man healthy and wise.

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