Worst Foods You Should Keep at Bay

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Worst foods causes tummy trouble

Tummy trouble is very commonly seen with us all. What you eat is a culprit here and be choosy with your intake. It is great self-help by being choosy with your food and diet control is often the best way to keep you healthy constantly. We should often figure out what is good and what is bad by trying and ending. Stomach issues should be understood by temporarily stopping certain foods and reintroducing them again after a certain time. This could give you an idea about who is the culprit to your stomach upsets. There are few foods that are hard for us to stop though found out them as culprits. In such cases, try smaller quantizes. Also, it is imperative here not to combine two or more culprits into your intake. Diet restrictions should be carried out only after consulting your dietician or doctor. A sudden or wrong timing elimination can result in nutrition lacking for your body. So, doctor and dietician consultation can mitigate this problem well for you.

Let us know about some harmful foods that are worth eliminating from your diet or intake. These are dangerous and can cause havoc to your belly through upsetting the body’s digestive system. Also, those can result in accumulating more extra pounds too.

Worst Foods You Should Keep at Bay

Harmful Foods:

• Ice Creams: Who hate ice creams unless there is teeth sensitivity? Bloating is the biggest problem through ice cream’s lactose. Gas and stomach discomfort are additional issues besides bloating through ice creams. If you’re a diehard fan of ice creams and cannot stop craving for them, then yoghurts should be tried ina their place.
• Beer: Beer is dangerous alcohol that deserves keeping at bay. When you take the beer, it relaxes your esophageal sphincter, which confines body acid to your stomach. This kind of situation often results in acid reflux and heartburn. Fermentable carbs are the major source in the making of beer. So, it obviously contains in it fermentable carbs along with carbon dioxide. These two cause excessive bloating to you and causes in addition dehydration too through its empty calories. If your beer choice is due to your interest in alcohol then replace it wisely with white or red wine.
• Watermelon: This summer treat is always a great favourite for all of us. It is rich with fructose, which is a natural sugar. Our digestive system cannot absorb well this fructose. This can lead to your body as gas. If you think you cannot stop eating it, and then take it in little quantities. Also, do not swallow those seeds as those can block bowels. Blocked bowels often cause pain and discomfort.
• Carbonated Beverage: There are many beverages mushrooming up all over the markets. Most of these beverages contain carbon dioxide. When you consume them, some of this gas will get trapped in the body’s digestive system. Cramping, bloating and discomfort can erupt due to this trapped gas. Instead of these sodas, try water that is added with sugar and lemon. This way you can keep yourself safe and healthy.
• Chips: Saturated fat is always loaded well in the potato chips. Abdominal fat is the reason through these chips and its saturated fat. The salt in chips additionally causes in bloating too. If you still want to eat potato chips then replace potato with sweet potato. Sweet potato is safe as it contains water and fibre.

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